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Are you paying too much for your office Phones?

Our telecom bill audit experts can help you understand your Telco bill, and simplify your office communications Spend

We help you find ways to save money with your Telco spend

Let Telebyte review your telecom spend and arm you with the information you need to make the right decisions!

Our comprehensive telecom bill audit can uncover things like:

  • Outdated rate plans
  • Unnecessary charges
  • Unused features
  • Billing errors
  • Hidden auto-renewals
  • And more

Not only will we walk you through your bill and identify areas for cost-savings and improvements, but our team will also create a no-obligation action plan going forward to help you get exactly the services you need at the right price.  

Depending on the complexity of your business, number of locations, and number of employees, you can expect that we will have everything wrapped up in under 2 weeks.

  1. Listing of all company locations with addresses and the number of employees at each location
  2. Billing from the most recent two-month period for all services at all locations including: Local and Long Distance Services, Data / Internet Services & Wireless Services
  3. Contracts that apply to the above services, if available

Telebyte Communications takes your privacy seriously.  All information will be shared with our Audit Team, then stored in a secure, restricted space where only our Audit team will have access.  If requested, we can destroy all information.

Telco’s have been known to swing things in their favour.  Over time, costs on technology and services go down, but in most cases when not reviewed, these prices stay the same, and you pay more than you should.  We have found instances where companies were paying triple the going rate.

Auto Renewal Clauses are the clauses that automatically renew your contracts, and often have little or no warning that they are about to renew.  This is where big telco’s get you.  Everyone works hard to win your business, but once they have you, renewing contracts without reviewing your needs, current state, and the current available pricing and offers can cost you big time.

Get a no obligation Communications Audit

Telebyte is known for saving you money on your communications bill. 

In most cases, not only can we find you savings, we can get you upgrades without spending
more than you already are.

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Telcos aren't known for good customer service - We're changing that!

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