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Contact Centre

A highly customizable cloud-based contact center solution


Contact Centre CCaaS improves the handling and oversight of communications through a range of agent and supervisor contact center services.

  • Highly flexible solution including easy deployment for remote / home workers.
  • Scalable from the smallest call-centric teams to large omni-channel environments.
  • Streamlines incoming inquiries from multiple channels using smart routing and delivers context to agents for optimal customer experience.
  • Reduces response time and improves service quality along with caller and agent experiences.
  • Compatibility with most CRM and ERP systems and collaborative apps ensures easy adoption and minimizes disruptions.


Real-time monitoring and permission-based activity reports bring transparency to agent and contact center performance.

  • Contact monitoring includes phone, email and chat interactions.
  • Centralized performance data results in more accurate call center reports and analysis.
  • Call monitoring can be analyzed by skill set, group provisioning and agent profile.
  • Flexible agent-controlled multimedia recordings can be stored for easy, permission-based online retrieval.
  • Customizable agent statuses deliver heightened visibility and assist in the efficient fielding of interactions.


Using advanced skill-based routing with automatic call distribution (ACD), callers are directed to the next available agent and the most suitably trained agent available.

  • Faster, more appropriate and efficient resolution of calls, with omni-channel options like chat and e-mail to take the conversation beyond voice.
  • customizable agent client, offering desktop and browser versions, easily integrates with standard CRM platforms and critical business apps for broad and intuitive access to essential information and resources.
  • The agent client is configurable to specific requirements or frequent caller requests.
  • Calls can be answered via a built-in smartphone application, traditional desktop telephone, or over a VoIP connection.
  • Evaluate, annotate, and provide structured feedback to agents on their interactions, helping to enhance agent skills and customer experience.
  • Automatically gather feedback from customers immediately following their contact center interaction, based on customizable templates.
  • Agent scheduling capabilities help ensure contact center staffing is always ready to meet customer demand.


Contact Centre CCaaS offers a broad set of services to streamline the caller experiences and ensure service and staffing levels are sustained.

  • Automatic call distribution can be synchronized based on select function, region, time of day and by organization – or industry-specific criteria.
  • Customized voice prompts allow callers to self-manage their call, retrieving information needed, reaching a specific department or individual and contacting an agent when required. Easy-IVR wizard makes set up crazy simple!
  • Silent mode along with phone and web-based conversation prompts allows supervisors to monitor agent activity to check performance and ensure calls are handled correctly.
  • A secure widget-based dashboard provides easy access to real-time reporting on all activity for total transparency.
  • Outreach tools power two-way conversations and extend contact center reach while respecting audience preferences


  • Automate workflows and maximize employee efficiency
  • Drive customer retention: Personalize contacts with screen pops
  • Save time switching between apps, eliminate misdials, take notes on calls
  • Easy to use and deploy integration, no heavy training or implementation costs


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Use our online booking system to pick a time for a live demo, and see how our tools can you help you communicate more efficiently and deliver what you need.

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