Telebyte Communications Inc. privacy policy

Telebyte Communications Inc. (“Telebyte”) is committed to protecting the personal information of its customers and their end users. This document sets out the terms on which Telebyte Communications Inc. collects, stores and handles personal information and other data of customers who have entered into a Services Agreement with Telebyte Communications Inc. (each a “Customer”) for the receipt of business communications services and related products or services of Telebyte Communications Inc. (the “Services”).

  1. Data collection. Customer is responsible for ensuring that any information that identifies a living individual (“Customer Personal Information”) is provided to Telebyte Communications Inc. and its subcontractors in compliance with all applicable privacy laws. Customer represents and warrants that Telebyte Communications Inc.’s and its subcontractors’ use of any Customer Personal Information to provide the Services will not breach any applicable privacy law, anti-spam law or other third-party rights.
  2. Data ownership. As between Telebyte Communications Inc. and Customer, Customer owns Customer Personal Information. For the avoidance of doubt, any non-personally identifying information and/or any non-Customer-identifying information (including aggregated data and statistics) derived from Customer Data and/or arising from use or provision of the Services will not constitute Customer Data and Telebyte will be free to use such information for any purpose.
  3. Data handling. Telebyte Communications Inc. will:
  1. Contact information. Any questions or concerns about Telebyte Communications Inc.’s privacy practices should be directed to the Telebyte privacy office at: or by telephone to Telebyte Communications Inc. at: 800-565-1849.