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Security Systems - Perimeter and Video Surveillance

Business Security Systems - Access Control, Perimeter Security and Video Surveillance systems from our Calgary and Red Deer Locations.

HIK Vision Video Surveillance System
ICT Readers - Door Access / Card Readers
2 Gig Edge to Edge Automation Panel
Outdoor / Indoor Security Camera
Storm Video Surveillance Camera System
Security Systems

Security Systems - Access Control, perimeter Security, video Surveillance in Southern and Central Alberta

At Telebyte we know that not every business is the same, that is why every system is specifically tailored to meet your needs.  We always meet with your key stakeholders to determine your needs before jumping to solutions that are not ideal for your business. 

Telebyte Alberta specializes in working with businesses large to small, we can provide a commercial security system that will keep your business secure.  Whether you have a single business to secure, or a multi location business we have the capabilities to simplify your business security solution, and meet your budget.

State of the art cellular communication units eliminate the need for a vulnerable phone line, plus the added benefit of smartphone integration for easy and instant access to your security system from anywhere and give you peace of mind. Alarm Monitoring Services and or when combined with an interactive security app you can have a simple to use app to check on your alarm system, have a live view of cameras and control devices such as thermostats, garage doors and many more.

Access control is much more than electric door locks.  With our state-of-the-art access control systems, you have full control over who can access your building.  See who enters, what time they entered and control what area they are allowed access.  You can control the locking and unlocking of your doors, either by a pre-set schedule or from smartphone or computer.

A lost key can cause massive cost associated with changing locks and re cutting keys, with access control you can easily disable the missing credential and issue a new one.

A professionally installed Video Surveillance system can make the difference in false notifications and unwanted recordings and recordings of important events. Video cameras not only let you keep an eye on your business or house but also make a good deterrent for crime.  Combined with a security you can easily verify a break in and alert the authorities or check in on your access control system to verify an employee has not shared their credential.

Call Telebyte in Red Deer, or Calgary to schedule an appointment to discuss your security needs, and give you peace of mind.

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