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Security Systems

Security Solutions for Peace of Mind

Intrusion Alarm Systems and Monitoring

Manage risk and keep your business safe with an intrusion alarm system with monitoring capabilities. With proven solutions tailored to your needs, Telebyte offers alarm systems and monitoring solutions for a wide range of applications to help you manage risk and keep your property safe.

Camera Systems

Telebyte’s custom-tailored security camera systems allow you to monitor your facility remotely — eliminating the concern of property theft or vandalism. Keep on top of your business surveillance operations by installing a robust camera system with Telebyte.

Key Fob Access Control Systems

At Telebyte, we understand the potentially harmful consequences of allowing unauthorized access to your business. It can make you vulnerable to security breaches that may compromise your physical and intellectual property.

Managing access plays a key role in the security of your business. Let Telebyte ease your worries with a fully integrated key fob access control system.

ULC Fire Alarm Monitoring

Protect your most valuable business assets by installing a Underwriters’ Laboratories of Canada (ULC) fire alarm monitoring system. ULC alarm systems are the standard that is referenced in building and fire codes and governs how fire monitoring equipment is installed, how it communicates, and how it is maintained. Provide your premises with maximum protection against fire with a ULC fire alarm monitoring system.

Residential Security Monitoring

At Telebyte, we want your home to feel like a sanctuary. That’s why we offer state-of-the-art home monitoring systems for your residence. 

Manage your home with video surveillance installed by trained professionals — and rest easy knowing your family and valuables are safe, day or night.