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More than 25 years’ experience in voice and data cabling installations and maintenance.


Modern businesses in all industries are heavily reliant on voice and data communications. Everything from incoming orders, phone calls and tracking of shipments requires a network installation that is reliable, scalable and secure.

Can your business afford the risk of outdated network systems? Telebyte Communications can provide voice and data cabling solutions to meet your business network requirements. Whether you are a growing small business or a large multinational enterprise, we have the experience and knowledge to assist with your data and voice communication requirements.


  • Fibre optic splicing and testing
  • Structured network cabling installations
  • Underground data cabling solutions


In today’s global environment we understand that voice, data and video communications play a pivotal role in your business being able to operate effectively and efficiently. If you take a closer look at the way your business operates you will probably notice that data and voice networks practically touch every area.

Our experienced team can provide expert data cabling advice, planning and service to deliver solutions that are 100% tailored to your needs. We complete testing for all our work to the latest International and North American standards.

This covers everything from the latest security to electrical safety standards. As a result, you will have the confidence that your business data is protected and effective, and doesn’t become a liability to your success.


Businesses change over time through growth and shifting customer expectations. But your change in data and voice requirements should never stand in the way of your business success.

That’s why our objective when setting up any new network is to ensure it can continue to grow with your business. We analyze all of your system requirements and provide specifications detailing your voice and data needs.

For existing installations, we review your current voice and data setup and provide guidance, solutions and support. The result is an implementation that is easy to scale with shifting demands as your business grows through various stages of success.


When it comes to data cabling standards Canada has some of the most forward-looking requirements. Our team at Telebyte Communications is fully trained to the latest advances in technology, including:

  • Structured cabling systems (Cat 5E, Cat6A, Cat7)
  • Underground data cabling solutions
  • Traditional fiber optic cabling networks (Fiber optic splicing and testing)
  • UTP and ScTP
  • OTDR, TDR and all structured cable testing
  • ISDN, WAN and Broadband
  • New LAN/office cabling – Telebyte is an expert in cabling installations, whether in ducted and non-ducted premises


If your business is expanding or moving to new premises, then phone systems is going to have to be one of your top priorities. Whether you need to start from scratch or integrate with existing technologies, Telebyte’s team of engineers can guide you through the entire process.

We provide cabling for new telephone systems including NEC, Wildix, Mitel, Avaya, and More. This gives you a huge range of choices to help you get set up in the best possible way while keeping costs down.

With your team at Telebyte, you can take advantage of technologies such as:

  • Gigabit Ethernet
  • UTP
  • Cable trays
  • Cat6
  • Cat5e
  • Krone highband 25
  • Wireless wi-fi hotspot
  • Wireless LAN
  • Wireless networking at 108Mbps
  • Fiber optic cabling


No matter how fast your business is growing and changing, your data and voice network assets require regular maintenance and occasional upgrades. Just like with any other piece of equipment or machinery you have to have confidence in the people that help keep your operations running smoothly.

At Telebyte Communications we have over 25 years of experience in:

  • Network upgrades – from small network modifications to extensive additions
  • Maintenance and support from communication resolution to complete recabling


Internet telephony has been around for many years and has progressively got more affordable even for small businesses. While it does require additional equipment beyond just a phone and Internet connection, that equipment can save you a lot of operating costs over time.

At Telebyte we specialize in providing you with:

  • Network infrastructure for VoIP: Switches and routers
  • Network infrastructure for 802.11 telephony: access points and VoIP gateways

Unlike most other network contractors, we always look to your long-term plans and requirements to ensure that your installation does not become a bottle neck for your expansion and success.

Our motto is to treat customers as “long term” partners. We have customers that have been with us for over 25 years and their recommendations are how we measure our success.

Why not join us now to make sure that your business data requirements are built to support your success

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